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Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week: Grant Erickson

Athlete of the WeekGreg Higgins

In the fall, there’s a lot of attention paid to high school football and volleyball. Most of the time, unless you know someone running, the sport of Cross Country goes unnoticed. Athletes run a race over natural terrain. Enter this week’s athlete of the week: Grant Erickson.

In his latest run in Saltillo, Grant finished the three-mile run in fourth place with a time of 18:33.18. This is the seniors third year to run Cross Country. He also plays soccer and basketball for North Lamar.

Grant says his favorite part of Cross Country is practicing. This may sound abnormal to most people. However, Ericsson runs six days a week and averages four miles a day. Track and field runs in the family, though. Grant’s older sister, Kara Erickson, went to State for the high jump when she was a senior at North Lamar.

Besides running Cross Country, he’s also a member of the North Lamar basketball team and the soccer squad as well. When asked what he liked about those sports, his response was, “You are always moving and a part of the action.”

Grant has been playing basketball since he was in junior high and he picked up soccer when he was a freshman.

“Grant’s representation of North Lamar High School should be commended by all,” head basketball coach Homer Garner said. “He not only has excelled in all extra curricular activities but is to of his class in academics. Grant’s maturity and class is an example young people can learn from.”

Grant has been at North Lamar his whole life. His favorite subject is math and science. He plans on attending Texas A&M College Station to major in aerospace engineering.

Outside of school and sports, you can find Grant in the gym lifting weights or on the road running somewhere. He also makes stained glass and enjoys doing carpentry.

If you are in the mood for something other than football or volleyball this year, perhaps you can find a Cross Country event to watch or a soccer match to take in. If you do, look for Grant. He’s the one that’s always on the move.

Congratulations to Grant Erickson on being named this week’s Guaranty Bank & Trust Athlete of the Week.