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Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week: Levi Porter

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 (photo by Bill Higgins)

(photo by Bill Higgins)

As a sophomore, Levi Porter made a name for himself when he scored 27 points against Paris High, including going 17 of 18 from the free throw line. Not only did he get the attention of the opposing team, but he got the attention of the fans as well.

Now, a senior for North Lamar, Levi's hoping to not only win games but teach the younger teammates as well.

"I think my experience makes me a leader but also my attitutde during practice and during games," Levi said. "I fell that the way I act when we are down or winning big contributes to the way that my teammates respond."

 (photo by Bill Higgins)

(photo by Bill Higgins)

Of course, learning to shoot like that just doesn't happen. Levi started playing basketball at an early age. As long as he can remember, he's played basketball. Porter started playing competitively around the second or third grade he reflects.

Even today, you can find him practicing every day throughout the week and twice a day on the weekends. Shooting isn't the only thing he works on, though. Levi understands the importance of good ball handling as well.

"Being able to be a good ball handler forces defenders to not only respect a shot but your ability to drive and finish or kick to open teammates," he says.

Porter says that he's learned quite a bit from playing for Coach Homer Garner as well. Garner's ability to keep his emotions in check during a game have rubbed off on the senior point guard.

"Instead of getting upset at a turnover [during the game] or a missed shot, I have learned to shrug it off and move on to the next play," Levi says about what coach Garner has taught him.

Porter also plays tennis for North Lamar. He used to run cross country but decided not to his senior year. The other sports are fun to do for Levi but his true love is still basketball.

He hopes to take his basketball game to the next level and play at a college somewhere while pursuing a degree in Biology. That's just the first step on his way to becoming a Physician Assistant. Although Biology is in his future, he says History is his favorite subject in school.

Sports isn't the only thing Levi enjoys, though. In his down time, he loves to read, fish, play games with his family and hang out with his friends. If he has time, he'll even throw some video games into the mix. For now, though, it's all about basketball and helping the Panthers return to the playoffs.

Congratulations Levi Porter on being named the Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week.