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Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week: Bailey Foy

Athlete of the WeekGreg Higgins
 North Lamar Junior Bailey Foy

North Lamar Junior Bailey Foy

If you've watch North Lamar volleyball over the past two seasons, chances are good that you noticed Bailey Foy. This 5'11" junior plays above the net and above her competition. As a matter of fact, you will often-times see her grinning ear to ear after making a big block or spiking the ball for a point.

Bailey has pretty much grown up with volleyball all her life. She began playing at a young age and has continued to work on getting better.

"I've played ever since I could, five or four years old," she says when asked about how long she's been playing the game. "My mom's a volleyball coach, so she just taught me."

Even though she's a junior, she still believes herself to be a leader on the team as well. As the dominant front line person returning from last year's team, head coach Kathy Barker notices how the team looks to her for some consistency and some guidance.

"Now that she's serving and playing back row," Barker adds. "When she's on, [the team] is going to be on and they look to her to take that leadership role."

Bailey knows that she needs to step up and take that leadership role since she's now playing the first middle. Part of the leadership Bailey demonstrates on the court is taking responsibility for mistakes. 

"She's the first to take the blame," says Barker. "She takes responsibility. She's never putting it off on the setter. She's never putting it off on the passer. Nothing. She's taking responsibility."

When she's not on the court dominating opposing defenses, Bailey loves to spend time with her friends. Her favorite subject in school is science. Well, except for chemistry. Although, she does like going to the chemistry labs.

Since she hasn't even started her junior year, she has no idea what she wants to do after high school. She did say that she does want to attend college and she would like to play volleyball somewhere. That's as far as she went, though, on discussing life after North Lamar.  For now, she's just going to keep on trying to become a better volleyball player and a better leader: on and off the court.

Congratulations to Bailey Foy for being this week's Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week.