Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week: Brayden Steed


In June, there will be a group of guys that are glad to see Brayden Steed graduate from North Lamar. That group of guys consist of baseball coaches from surrounding schools in the district. For several years now, Brayden has caused havoc on the bases with his speed. Opposing pitchers know once he gets on base he is a threat to score at any moment.

For Brayden, this all started when he was three years old when his Pawpaw would play baseball in the living room with him.

"I would hit it and he would chase me around the room," Steed said.

From there, the love of the game has grown for Brayden. He plays second base currently but that hasn't always been the case. He grew up playing the outfield but coach Scott Igleheart helped make the transition to second base.

Of course playing defense at North Lamar usually means you're playing behind some pretty good pitchers. During his sophomore year he played behind Daniel Gibbons and Brandon Dusenberry. Last year it was Ty Jones and Kevin Dickey. This year its Dickey and Matt Gibbons.

"It's amazing to watch honestly," Steed says about the pitching performances. "It does put some pressure on the defense because you try extra hard not to make any errors. We know how hard they work for those ground balls and fly balls."


Steed loves the game because he gets to hang out with his friends and represent his school. When you're fast like Brayden, you're also expected to run track. As a member of the North Lamar track team, Steed ran the 100 meters and 200 meters.

When he's not running the bases or running track, he loves to hang out with his family and Lauren Hodges. He likes to fish and play sand volleyball. His favorite subject in school is math and he plans on attending ECU in Oklahoma after he graduates to get a degree in physical education.

For now, though, he is concentrating on baseball. With only a few more games left with the seniors on this team, he's cherishing them all.

"I think that all the seniors is what makes this team special. It's a brotherhood that has been made since we were in coach pitch and knowing that it's going to end and we probably will never get to play again. I think that's what makes this team so special."

Well said Brayden. Congratulations on being this week's Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week.


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