Guaranty Bank & Trust Athlete of the Week: Karlie Ewell

(Photo by Bill Higgins) 

(Photo by Bill Higgins) 

Senior Karlie Ewell is no stranger to varsity sports. She is on the North Lamar soccer team and she was part of the Pantherettes run to the Regional Tournament in volleyball.

 "Us seniors really wanted to go either than we did but I'm glad we worked how we did throughout the year....these girls are my sisters and I love them." Ewell said about the volleyball team.

This team had a special bond and they played that way, especially in district. Karlie along with other seniors knew they had to be the leaders on the team.

"We workout with the JV and we have to work to lead by example." - Karlie says.

Now, though, her attention is on the soccer field. Soccer is a game she has played since 1st grade and, now, her mom is the head coach at North Lamar.

"We have our ups and downs but in the end I'm glad to have her there to support me." - Ewell says about her mom being the coach.

After graduation Karlie would like to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University to become a nurse. She's not quite sure what kind of nurse, yet, but she says she'd really like work with babies. Outside of school, Ewell likes to hang out with friends and family.

Here is a list of Karlie's favorite things:

Food: Mexican

Restaurant: Chick Fil-A

Song: I like too many

Band/Singer: Aaron Watson

Color: Teal

TV Show: Greys Anatomy

Movie: Hocus Pocus

Book: Heave is for Real

Subject in School: Science

If you could go one place on earth, where would it be? Bahamas

If you can have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who is it? My pappy who passed away when I was little.

If you could go back in time and witness one event live and in person, what event is it? Christmas Day when Christ was born.

Congratulations Karlie Ewell for being this week's Guaranty Band & Trust Athlete of the Week.


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