Guaranty Bank & Trust Athlete of the Week: Jeremiah Guenther

Photo by Jared Routon

Photo by Jared Routon

When Tyler Hill left the game against Leander Glenn, nobody saw what was about to happen. Well nobody except the coaches and Jeremiah Guenther. Guenther took the ball and rushed for over 180 yards in the 37-27 victory last Friday night.

Of course football should come naturally for the senior. He’s been playing since he was in the third grade. Last year he made a name for himself on the defensive side of the ball. So far in one game, it’s been an offensive explosion for Guenther.

Although football is his favorite sport, he does run track and competes in powerlifting as well. When asked why he likes football so much, his response was more mature than you would expect from a teenager.

”It’s a team sport. It takes all 11 doing the right thing or you can’t succeed.”

And when it comes to the right guys on the field, Jeremiah likes the group he’s suiting up with this year. 

”It’s the most talented group to come around that I’ve seen. I really don’t see us having any weaknesses if we can just execute what we are coached.”

Of course that coaching starts from the top with head coach and athletic director Aaron Emeyabbi. Someone who Jeremiah says is “intense and makes sure things are done right and with discipline in practice and games.”

When he’s not playing football, Guenther enjoys lifting weights and being active out doors. After graduation he’d like to attend college but he’s not sure where yet. He’s looking at possibly finding something along the line of math but he’s not completely settled on that yet.

Here are a list of Jeremiah’s favorite things:

Food: Steak

Restaurant: Red Lobster

Song: I don’t have one in specific. I just like music in general

Band/singer: Same as above

Color: Blue

TV show: Impractical Jokers

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Book: Where the Red Fern Grows

Subject in school: Math

If you could go one place on earth where would it be? Hawaii

If you can have dinner with one person dead or alive, who is it? Dez Bryant

If you could go back in time and witness one event live and in person what event is it? Last year’s Super Bowl

Congratulations Jeremiah Guenther for being this week’s Guaranty Bank & Trust Athlete of the Week

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