Guaranty Bank and Trust Athlete of the Week: Emma Stewart

(Photo by Bill Higgins) 

(Photo by Bill Higgins) 

It’s her 17th birthday, but junior Emma Stewart isn’t out celebrating like most teenagers. Instead she’s doing something different. She’s doing something she loves. She’s getting ready for a basketball game. It’s not just any basketball game, though. This is game two out of 10 in the district season.

This isn’t something new for Emma, however. This is her 10th year to play the game of basketball so she’s used to playing and/or practicing on her special day. Even though she is a starter for the basketball team, it’s another sport that is her favorite.

“Volleyball,” Stewart says without hesitation when asked about it. “Volleyball has always been my favorite sport, because I’m best at it and I have a good understanding of how the game works.

Emma adds in that she doesn’t even mind going to practices because its such a fun sport to play. She also used to run track but says she only did that because her parents made her. This year she has decided to hit the weights instead of running track.

Right now, though, it’s all about basketball for Stewart and the Pantherettes.

“We play well together and execute the plays when we play at our own pace,” she says when asked about this years team. “We have a young team.”

Young indeed. With the exception of two players, the rest of the team is mostly juniors. Stewart also speaks highly of the head basketball coach at North Lamar.

“He definitely has a passion for the game,” Emma says about coach Harp. “He’s always pushing us in practice and sometimes he even joins in with us on the court.”

When Emma isn’t playing a sport at school, she says you can always find her with her friends. When it’s warm, though, she says the family likes to take the boat out to the lake.

After high school, Stewart says she hasn’t really thought about going to any specific college. She is thinking about a degree, though. She says she would like to be either an occupational therapist or a radiology tech.

Ok, Emma, tell us more about yourself:

What is your favorite:

Food: Orange Chicken.

Restaurant: Olive Garden

Song: Don’t have a specific song or band but I love old and new country music.

Band/Singer: See above.

Color: Blue.

TV Show: One Tree Hill.

Movie: Facing the Giants.

Book: The Summer I turned Pretty.

Subject in School: Any Science Class

If you could go one place on earth where would it be? Belize

If you can have dinner with one person dead or alive, who is it? Would love to pick the brains of any apostle over a meal to see what it was like to hang with Jesus

If you could go back in time and witness one event live and in person what event is it? Would love to witness the resurrection of Christ.


Athlete of the Week: Emma Stewart

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