Athlete of the Week: Cody Anthony


If you watch any North Lamar football, it's hard to miss Cody Anthony. The 6'-5" senior can be seen pushing defensive lineman all over the field. He's been playing football since the third grade.

Of course Anthony can also be seen on the basketball court for the Panthers. Another sport he has played since the third grade. But if you ask him, he will tell you football is "definitely" his favorite.

When picking captains for this year's football team, Anthony was an obvious choice.

"I think there’s more responsibilities as a senior," Anthony said. "You’ve been in the program longer so everyone expects you to do it right."

Anthony says that the team as a whole is eager to get better everyday. Go to practice or games and you can see just what Cody is talking about. Not only are they trying to get better, but they are trying to help each other get better too. Usually, you can find Cody right in the middle as he is is helping to hype up his teammates.

Anthony is under his third year with head coach and athletic director Aaron Emeyabbi.

"It’s great," Anthony said about playing for the head coach. "He’s a lot more energetic than most coaches you’ll meet and he really cares about the team and the players."

Anthony is already getting noticed by coaches at the next level as well. Earlier in the summer, he attended a football camp at Texas A&M-Commerce. After the camp was over, Cody was invited back for an elite camp.

"After the camp coach Carthel talked to me and told me they were goin to offer me a scholarship," Anthony said.

Cody isn't sure if Commerce is where he wants to attend yet, but he does want to continue playing football at the next level. Anthony says he's not sure what he wants to major in either.

Let's find out a little more about Cody:

What is your favorite:

Food: Burgers
Restaurant: Whataburger
Song: Tennessee Whiskey
Band/singer: Cody Jinks
Color: Red
TV show: The Office
Movie: Step Brothers
Book: I don't read
Subject in school: History

If you could go one place on earth where would it be? Hawaii

If you can have dinner with one person dead or alive, who is it? Will Ferrell

If you could go back in time and witness one event live and in person what event is it? 2006 Rose Bowl

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