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Paris Fitness & Aquatics Band Member of the Week: Jennifer Wirges

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”How about I call you a little later tonight to do the interview?” - Me

”Yeah, that won’t work for me. It’s the season premier of the Walking Dead and our family will be watching it” - Jennifer Wirges

And that’s how the conversation began between myself and Jennifer Wirges, this week’s band member of the week. The senior plays the flute and is also in the color guard.

Jennifer’s favorite part of the band is when she performs on Friday nights. She started playing the flute in the sixth grade. Her brother played Trombone in the band, but her dad’s family plays the flute. She decided to follow suit.

When she was in eighth grade she decided she wanted to be in the color guard because she wanted to be on the field performing. For those not aware, the color guard is what helps bring life to the story that is being told during the performance.

This years show, Man vs. Machine features a lot of dancing and movement to go with the music. Besides being in the band, Jennifer is a part of Zone 32.

Jennifer moved to North Lamar when she was in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject in school is English. Although she’s not sure where she wants to go to college, she does know she wants to be a color guard coach and teach English.

When she’s not performing on the field, she works when she can. She also tries to catch up on sleep and she “loves The Walking Dead.”

Congratulations Jennifer Wirges for being this week’s Paris Fitness and Aquatics Band Member of the Week.