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Paris Fitness & Aquatics Band Member of the Week: Rebekah Reed

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The North Lamar band is made up of many different components. All the different instruments sound great when played in harmony. However, just like anything in life, things are enhanced when you add visual effects to the music.

This is where the color guard comes in to play. Rebekah Reed knows this aspect all too well.

“I have done color guard for four years..since my freshman year. I have been the captain for two years now.” - Rebekah Reed

The color guard help provide the visual effects that help tell the story during the marching band show. You will see them toss flags, rifles and they can also dance.

When Rebekah was little, she was in the ballet and loved to dance. She would go to the football games and enjoyed watching the band perform at half time. During one game, she noticed some girls dancing out on the field while the band played. At that moment, Rebekah knew she wanted to dance with the band during the halftime shows.

”I signed up for it and I have enjoyed it ever since.” - Reed

One of the things the senior enjoys about the color guard is the rush of adrenaline while performing. Of course its not all about the performance. Rebekah says the color guard are just like her family. She also loves performing in front of huge crowds on Friday nights.

”I love everything about being in the color guard.”

After graduation, she plans to attend PJC to get her basics out of the way. Then, Rebekah would like to transfer to a university. Although she’s not sure which university, she does know she wants to get her degree in Physical Therapy.

While in college, she does want to pursue color guard. She would like to do DCI (Drum Corps International) which is basically marching band with color guard once you’ve graduated.

Besides the color guard, Rebekah is in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). HOSA is a program that ready’s students that want to go into the medical field. Rebekah is also a peer mentor that helps kids that struggle in a certain subject and need help. The mentors help the kids understand the subject and they help the teachers with what they need done.

When she is not busy with school, Rebekah loves to read.

I’m a HUGE nerd when it comes to reading.” - Rebekah

She also loves to spend time with family and friends. Rebekah also draws a lot too. Here is a list of Rebekah’s favorite things:

Food: Anything Chinese
Restaurant: Panda Express
Song: Pity Party
Band/Singer: Twenty One Pilots
Color: Blue
TV Show: Supernatural
Movie: Harry Potter
Book: Paper Towns
Subject in School: Science

If you could go one place on earth, where would it be? I would love to go to Ireland

If you can have dinner with one person dead or alive, who is it? I would have dinner with my papa that passed away with cancer six years ago.

If you could go back in time and witness one event live and in person, what is it? I would like to see my 12th great grandfather walk off the Mayflower.

Congratulations Rebekah Reed for being this week’s Paris Fitness & Aquatics Band Member of the Week.