North Lamar Female Powerlifter Qualifies for Region

North Lamar’s Powerlifting teams traveled to Anna on January 16 to compete with fourteen other schools.  North Lamar boys earn a strong third place while the girls finished fifth place overall.  Of both teams, North Lamar’s Kayedon Oliver qualified for region with her impressive lifts and earned Light Lifter at the meet.

         North Lamar’s boys’ individual class winners are: 

123 pound class - Bryce Evans, 4th place with 615 total pounds

132 pound class - Josh Bolton, 2nd place with 925 total pounds 148 pound class - Conner Darnell, 2nd place with 1020 total pounds, Josh Johnson, 3rd place with 930 total pounds

165 pound class - Hunter Jones, 13th place with 690 total pounds

181 pound class - Eric Pheng, 2nd place with 1100 total pounds, Jaxon Hevron, 5th place with 1000 total pounds, Mason Chrisman, 7th place with 985 total pounds

198 pound class - Caleb Wiley, 10th place with 795 total pounds

220 pound class - Ethan Wickersham, 9th place with 840 total pounds

242 pound class - Brandon Halliday, 2nd place with 1235 total pounds, Joey Haley 7th place with 885 total pounds

275 pound class - Colton Chamberlin, 4th place with 1010 total pounds, Riley Miner8th place with 580 total pounds. 

North Lamar’s boys’ team finished with 28 points just behind Denison’s 37 points (1st place) and Anna’s 31 points (2nd place).  Fourteen teams participated in the meet.  

          Individual class winners for the North Lamar girls are:

123 pound class - Kayedon Oliver placed 1st with 725 total pounds.  A squat of 260 pounds, bench press of 165 pounds, and a deadlift of 300 pounds qualified her for region.

132 pound class - Kaitlyn McCarter placed 15th

148 pound class - Shiann Rice placed 2nd with 705 total pounds, Emily Loveplaced 13th with 465 total pounds, and Savannah Carroll placed 16th with 425 total pounds.

165 pound class - Gracie Mullens placed 8th with 485 total pounds.

198 pound class - Ashley Brockway placed 5th with 525 total pounds.

The Girls team placed 5th trailing behind Anna (1st place with 42 points), Whitesboro (2nd place with 32 points), Little Elm (3rd place), and Van Alystyn (4th place).  Fourteen teams competed in the girls division.

“I’m so proud of the boys and girls!” said North Lamar’s Head Powerlifting Coach David Pasternak.  “To go to their first meet and be so competitive is awesome!”

North Lamar’s next meet will be January 23rd at Sulphur Springs.  They will then host a meet on January 30th at North Lamar followed by Mount Pleasant on February 23 and Paris on February 17.

Kayedon Oliver and Josh Bolton Qualify for State