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North Lamar’s UIL Academic Team Wins District

School NewsGreg Higgins

The North Lamar Academic Team earned the District 15 AAAA Academic championship with 502 points after competing on April 9 and 10 at Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant.  Students placing first, second, or third advance to the region competition April 23 - 25 at Texas A&M Commerce.

North Lamar individual and team results are:

·       Savannah Bishop – 3rd in Accounting

·       Jalon Franklin – 5th in Accounting, 5th in Computer Science

·       Whitney Loftin – 7th in Accounting

·       Neil Mistry – 2nd in Computer Application, 8th in Accounting

·       Zach McIntire – 6th in Computer Science

·       Accounting Team - 2nd place

·       Computer Science Team - 3rd place

·       Jess Chollet – 5th place in Number sense, 5th place in Calculator

·       Takeyah Griffin – 1st in Computer Applications

·       Trenton Wheeler – 4th in Computer Applications

·       Cory Godbey – 4th in Editorial Writing

·       Alison Thrasher – 5th in Editorial Writing, 5th place in News Writing, 6th in Headline Writing

·       Journalism Team - 2nd place

·       Makayla Herman – 3rd in Feature Writing

·       Kay Edwards – 1st in Informative Speaking, 1st in Social Studies, 4th in Current Events, 5th in Spelling

·       Jordan Walters – 1st in Prose, 2nd in Informative Speaking, 7th in Current Events

·       MacKenzie Beckmon – 3rd in Informative Speaking, 2nd in Lincoln-Douglas Debate

·       Jared Chenevey – 1st in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 1st in Persuasive Speaking, 4th in Social Studies

·       Grace Hignight – 4th in Lincoln-Douglas Debate

·       Seth Gurley – 2nd in Persuasive Speaking

·       Steele Musgrove – 2nd in Prose, 3rd in Persuasive Speaking, 4th in Spelling

·       Speech and Debate Team - 1st place

·       Ethan Carter – 1st in Literary Criticism

·       Lindy Norris – 2nd in Literary Criticism

·       Cierra Williams – 3rd in Literary Criticism, 2nd in Ready Writing

·       Lupita Patino – 5th in Literary Criticism

·       Literary Criticism Team -  1st place

·       Heather Armstrong – 7th in Number Sense,  7th in Mathematics

·       Math Team - 3rd place

·       Autumn Boren – 1st in Poetry

·       Bailey Fowler – 2nd in Poetry

·       Tanner Liles – 6th in Poetry

·       Anna Holbrooke – 4th in Poetry

·       Grant Erickson – 11th in Science

·       Claire Thompson – 9th in Spelling

·       Jacob Fulton – 2nd in Social Studies

·       Dalton Melvin – 3rd in Social Studies

·       Social Studies Team - 1st place