Stone Choir Earns Top Rating

Stone Middle School Beginner Choir attended the Sandy Lake Funfest contest in Dallas on May 14 and received a 1st Division rating from all three judges. 

Contributing to the choir’s success were members: Ellie Ables, Ivie Allmon, Ella Amis, Whitney Austin, Kami Bailey, Candace Bateman, Kae’ton Benedict, Brandon Bolton, Karlee Bowman,  Jacobey Boyce, Madison Bridgers, Selena Brown, Abigail Brummett, Kaylee Brush,  Chris Bryant, Maria Bueckert, Jami Burris, Gary Cady, Emily Candias,  Javin Cary, Carly Cooper, Jace Cooper, Tova Coulter, Kimberly Crawford,  Hannah Crosswhite, Texas Darby, Lanne Dawes, McKenzie Dickson, Sara Elmore,  Addison Exum, Riley Figueroa, Adysen Finch, Case Foster, Emma Fowler,  Danni Fugett, Hannah Gibbons, Cassity Gifford, Montana Gilbreath, Damon Hebner,  Keaton High, Luke Hohenberger, Chloe Holbrook, Kyla Householder, Destiny Hudson,  Karsyn Iltis, Alexis Jansen, Lane Jaynes, Autumn Johnston, Troy Jones,  Andy Kirk, Kristin Knowles, Paul Landers, Cheyenne Lewis, Izzy Locicero,  Bryson Lutz, Morgan Lyles, Curt Malone, Daisie McCurry, Kyle Melvin,  Amy Moody, Riley Moore, Favian Morales, Megan Morrison, Ka’lyn Murray,  Abby Neilson, Trent Nickerson, Kamry Oliver, Azaria Pendergraft, Chloe Prestridge,  Chisum Priest, Jaylee Redmon, Macy Richardson, Karlie Rouse, Kameron Scott,  Madison Semanek, Kylie Smith, Emaly Sneed, Malorie Sneed, Kendall Stephens,  Nathan Stone, Ashtin Stutsman, Austin Stutsman, Brianna Swafford, Madi Swan,  Lakayla Thomas, Darbie Thompson, Ashley Trenchard, Kaelyn Wagnon, Corbin Waldroup,  Kenzley Waldroup, Taryn Wallace, Aaron Walton, Brenton Walton, Angel Wilson, Dalton Wilson, Ta’Dray Wilson, Madison Winter, Makayla Winton, Allison Wood,  Kayden Yates, and Abigail Young.

The choir is under the direction of Michelle Anderson, Rebecca Hildreth, and Pat Fowzer.

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