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Penny War raises money for Parker PTO

School NewsGreg Higgins

Students in Ashley Wilkerson’s fourth grade class at Aaron Parker Elementary enjoyed a movie and prizes after winning the Parker PTO Penny War game.  The friendly competition between classes raised $650 that the PTO will put back into the school.  Not only did the PTO raise money, but the challenge had students working on their math skills.

The object of the penny war game is to get as many points possible during the “war.”  Each class was given a large enclosed container labeled with the name of the teacher.  The containers were placed in a central spot that was well supervised and where students could easily add their pennies daily.  One point was received for every penny in the container.  To reduce the number of points from the containers of other classes, silver coins and paper currency were added to their containers.  Each silver coin or bill reduces the number of points from that container by the amount of the coin.  (E.g. a nickel reduces the points by five, a dime by ten, a dollar by 100, etc.)  Containers were emptied and counted daily with the class totals posted to encourage friendly competition.