Panthers Shut Down Sunnyvale


Coach Aaron Welch led his North Lamar varsity squad to their second straight road game to start the season. Though the Panthers won their opener, Welch was concerned with the slow start and uncertainty demonstrated by his young team. Facing off against Sunnyvale, NL would have the opportunity to continue the process of maturing as a team.

The Panthers took control of the match early and dominated time of possession through the first half. Christian Stockton (15) opened up the scoring with a goal coming off of an assist by Garret Douglas (17). Kshatiz Basnet (10) scored the second goal and Korbin Peralta (18) put in the third with an assist by Isaiah Lester (7). In spite of a solid defensive performance, Sunnyvale was able to exploit a breakdown and score a goal. NL went on to win the match 3-1.

Coach Welch commented that the team seemed to be coming together. They started with more intensity and were more sound in fundamentals that in the opener. Welch noted that there was definite improvement, which is crucial to this new team.

The Panthers will be tested with their toughest competition to date in the Kings Classic Tournament that kicks off Thursday at PHS stadium. NL will face Pittsburg, Pleasant Grove and Terrell in the first round.

The victory has NL at an early record of 2-0. Earlier in the night the NL JV girls played the Sunnyvale varsity squad losing 6-1. Nely Torres (6) scored the lone goal off the assist from Kerahgan Scott (13).

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